Veganism and Anthropology… Veganthropology!

Hi and welcome to Veganthropology!

I created this blog to express my ideas and opinions about the two greatest passions of my life: being vegan, and anthropology. I have some fun ideas lined up for future content, ranging from educational articles about both anthropology and veganism, reviews and recommendations, and even possibly some hands on research with local vegan groups.

My hope is to not only document my experience as a vegan, but also to promote anthropology as an invaluable modern discipline. If you are unsure what anthropology is exactly (and how it is so important today), then click here for more information. With that in mind, I want this space to be educational, but also accessible, which means a balance between scientific representation and user friendly content.

Just “hanging around” at by CHLOE. in London. I apologise for nothing.

Now that you know my mission, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Joshua, and I have been vegan for around 4 years. During this time I have done a small amount of activism, but always felt that adding to increasing positive and informative literature about veganism could be the best way for me to support the movement. As for my interest and background in anthropology, I graduated with a 1st class BSc in Anthropology in 2017, and graduated with a distinction in MSc Ethnobotany in 2018. During my studies I have conducted primary research for a dissertation with vegan groups in the Oxford area (see supporting material here), as well as travelling to Longyearbyen, Svalbard, for field research on permaculture.

I would love for this site to flourish into a place for visitors to learn something new and exciting, as well as provide encouragement for vegans and non-vegans alike to question the world and forge their own perspectives. I also think it would be great for you as a reader to become involved and help this site do as much good as possible, so please feel free to contact me with ideas and suggestions.

Anyway, I suppose that’s enough for an introductory post so I’ll leave it there. Please consider supporting the site by liking, sharing, subscribing, and following me on Twitter @veganthro

Thanks for reading!


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